Emma is running eventing teams in 2020
Judy Dressage teams
Lisa is doing showjumping teams
Anyone interested in riding for the club. Please get in touch, with Emma on 07775-448061 eventing, Lisa on 07834-557000


Throughout the year there are many opportunities to represent the Berkshire County Riding Club in Area Qualifiers. If successful our teams will qualify for the British Riding Club National Championships.
In 2020
Intermediate Winter Dressage and SJ are at Bury Farm, Slapton
Novice Winter Dressade & SJ at Arena UK, Grantham, Lincolnshire
Horse Trial at Swalcliffe, Oxon
Please check your availability for the championships if you want to enter a qualifier.
There is also the London & South East Novice Championships and the Area 6 Liaison Trophy Competition.
Dates and details of these are on our calendar
All qualifiers include events for teams of 4 with the best 3 scores to count and many also include events for individuals. The Liaison Trophy is just for teams.
As soon as dates for qualifiers are known they will be put in the RC programme together with the name of the Team Manager and a contact number.
If you would like to be considered for any of the qualifiers either as a team member or as an individual, the Team Manager needs your commitment at least a month before the event as a preliminary entry has to be submitted to British Riding Clubs 3 weeks before the event.
For details of the qualifying competitions click here

Cost of teams

To help offset the cost to the club of sending teams to area qualifiers we ask each team member to contribute to the cost.


In order for a team to compete in one of the area qualifiers BCRC has to supply a helper at the competition. We would therefore like all our team members to help at ann RC team qualifier